Ten Days Self-Transcendence Run 2010 – Don Winkley

Ten Days Self-Transcendence Run NYC 4/19 to 4/29/2010

Well, how does one train for multiday races? Answer – send in the entry form and show up. So once again I am at a Sri Chinmoy race. By now I should know everyone but only Mark Dorion from El Paso has that ability.
But the faces are familiar even if – with my poor memory – the names escape me.

In the prior weeks I was involved with code violations ref a property I own along the Laguna Madre in Corpus Christi, TX. So up to the last minutes I am working. I also decided to redo my front yard this spring. Days spent with a pick axe to break up the clay hardpan. Reward – great joy to watch shade grass sprout and fill in between plugs of St Augustine grass. Unusual training but exhausting.

Now to pack for the race in 6hrs. A quick reminder of how not to pack for a race. I failed to take a sleeping bag (good for minus 10 degrees min.), arctic pants and coat. But most important Russian rain gear tested in Siberia to protect from drenching, freezing, cold driving rain. Obviously this guy from Corpus Christi, TX has never owned any of this gear. It’s not going to be fun.

Off we go. How did I get a ticket involving an overnight stay in Dallas?
Even my old age defense did not get me a ticket exchange. So a layover night in Dallas. Fortunately there was a Motel 6 with a shuttle from/to the airport. Inexpensive and the good nights rest (I slept 12-16hrs). I was really tired and this layover was a God send.

Arrived at the race 2 hrs before the start. Ran fairly good day 1 but froze at night under two blankets. Fortunately I purchased a Sri Chinmoy STAFF sweat shirt XXL which saved my life. My Sri friends found a loaner sleeping bag and supplied me with 12 two liter bottles of Diet Pepsi.

Day 2 to day 5 I ran 50 miles per day. Actually I waddled but found I was not the only one. Walking or waddling was the norm for almost everyone after the brief running period of day 1. I would get up about 6AM and get in 18 miles before lunch and get the last 32 miles in the afternoon/evening.

Frequently it took to 3 AM at night to finish my 50 miles.

Day 6 I got to 46 miles at 3AM but it was over. I wanted to get to 50 miles for the prior 24 hrs but I couldn’t even make one more mile. Went to bed and then the rains came down. It was over – over – over. I was a wet, freezing dog, tail down, dragging myself around the track, wishing I had entered the 6 day and it had started with the 10 day. Now I must suffer the indignity of mileage barely respectable for training.

But everyone was kind to me – Luis Rios who was a real stud in his day with outstanding 100 mile times and 140 miles for 24hrs. Mark Dorion shared stories based on his great knowledge of ultra races especially multiday races.
Markus Mueller was a Trans Australia finisher and we shared Jesse Riley stories. Bob Oberkehr, Marvin Skagerberg, Chanakhya Jakovic and Shashanka Karlen, Fredric Davis III, John Geesler, Pete Stringer ran walked with me and we exchanged tales of days ago and dreams of the future.

I made the 150 mile cut-off day 3 and the 300 mile cut-off day 6. This during reasonable weather. To be a good multiday runner you must be willing to suffer.

In terms of multiday racing I will hang my head to few. After all my split after 10 days during my 1000 mile race in 1997 was 701 miles and I averaged 67 miles per day for the remaining 4 days. My 701 mile 10 day split in 1997 would have won this years race. Even then I was not so young at 59 years old.

So, a good training run for Comrades. I will have to work on my foot strength/conditioning. My toes hurt and the bottoms of my feet were sensitive. The left foot/ankle had some soreness. Back to training. Share your stories.

Until we meet.

Don Winkley

Race website:us.srichinmoyraces.org/events/10-day-race-2010

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